Vanish Patel – A Step By Step Guide On How To Write Property Offer Letters

Who Is Vanish Patel?

Vanish Patelstarted his journey towards financial independence in the summer of 2001 when he became a business angel and full-time property investor.
Today he is considered to be one of the Top 10 Property Experts in the UK.
He belongs to one of those astute and successful Indian business families expelled from Uganda by Idi Amin in 1972.  He was four years old when his family arrived in London with a mere £100.
In 1991 he graduated from Aston University with a degree in Computer Science and entered the job market just as the country was in the middle of a recession.  It took Vanish over six months to find his first job and the memory of that recession has never left him.
He spent the 90’s working as an IT Contractor for blue chip firms such as BBC, Kodak, Glaxo & KPMG.  Although IT enabled him to generate a good income he knew that trading time for money was not going to help him achieve financial independence.
After much research he decided to spend the 2000’s building internet related businesses and doing property development.

In December 2003 he founded the Property Networking Club (PNC) to allow new investors the chance to learn how they can fast track their property success using creative investment strategies which allow them to purchase property using very little of their own money.
Each month 50 property investors meet up in central London to learn, support and share with each other while making progress towards becoming financially independent.
Using his extensive network of industry contacts he has been able to get some of the most respected UK Property Experts to speak at his live events.
VanishPatel, 43, lives happily with his lovely wife, Sandhya in Pinner, Middlesex.pinner


“A Step By Step Guide On How To Write Property Offer Letters That Build Massive Trust & Credibility In The Minds Of Home Owners That Need To Sell In The Next 30 Days…”

Over the last 10 years I have had the chance to meet 100’s of successful property investors and I have learned many important lessons from all these meetings.
Below are two of the four steps to purchasing profit making property.  You should be investing a couple of hours each week becoming a master at:
Step #1 – Generate Leads
Step #2 – Qualify Property & Seller
When you have mastered these four steps you will discover that it takes very little of your time and skill to find someone happy to sell their property BMV.
At this event we will cover the following topics:
<> The Four Step System For Purchasing Profit Making Property
<> Which Step You Need To Master First
<> Which Step You Need To Master Last
<> Why You Should Learn How To Sell Before Learning How To Buy Property
<> Common Novice Investor Mistakes When Talking To Sellers
<> The Seven Questions To Ask Sellers Before Making Your BMV Offer
<> What A Good Offer Needs To Focus On