Video Snippets from BPM I & BPM II July 2010 with Parmdeep Vadesha & Hanif Khan



Phil Martin

Parmdeep Vadesha & Hanif Khan
'A Step by Step Guide to the 21 Most Lucrative Property Investment Strategies for Creating Cashflow'
* How to do wonders with a little money

* Little mistakes that keep people struggling in a J.O.B

* Right & Wrong methods for creating cashflow in an up and down market

* Meet people applying our proven strategies in the current climate


Experts, Prizes etc Berkshire Property Meet I – July 2010  




Parmdeep Vadesha & Hanif Kahn at Berkshire Property Meet July 2010




Networking Berkshire Property Meet I – July 2010




Juswant Rai Introduces Berkshire Property Meet I July 2010