We Are in the Business of Relationships

It’s often easy to forget in our headlong rush in life and in making money. It’s all about creating a human bond. Lots of property courses and so called experts will tell how you can get something out of the person. How to get that estate agent / Letting Agent / Vendor to give you what you want!

Stop and think a second and think about how that would make you feel. Knowing someone sitting opposite you is only interested in what they can get out of you. Would that make you switch off and want to get rid of them pretty damn quick. I know I would.

I still remember standing at the front of the Berkshire Property Meet after we had wrapped up. A young man marched up to me with that look in his eyes. You know the one.. He probably had the rocky theme .. Eye of the tiger playing in his head.

From the moment he opened his mouth until he walked away he showed no interest in me. All he wanted to know was how he could get to speak at our event and tell the whole room. There was a fortune to be made .. wait for it ….. Investing in Coconut farms in Brazil.

I’m sure the look in my face said… You have to the F*CKING kidding me. Even when I said HI my name is Juswant and yours is… He just carried on regardless…. all heard was blah blah blah and one and on.

People want to know who you are. They want to like you and trust you. They want to get the feeling that you give a shit and sense this isn’t just a ‘one night stand’. People dont like feeling like they are prey. They dont want to be hunted.

When they see you are genuine they will open up to you. When they see you have their interests at heart to they will start to listen. Once they know this is going to good for them and not just you. It’s an easy conversation.

So go out and circulate. Meet lots of people. Build relationships and the rest will take care of itself.

If you haven’t yet make sure you watch ‘The Secret’ and ‘Pay it Forward’