Weapons of Mass Distraction

Busy Busy Busy but getting nothing done…

There was a time when I felt I was spending lots of time doing stuff but getting nothing done. Then after reading something online. I decided to double check what it was I was doing with me time.

In between checking facebook, whatsapp, texts messages and emails. There was barely time to do anything. So many interruptions and I couldn’t into my flow of thought or action.

It was easier to take the path of least resistance and just 5 minutes on facebook or pick up the remote and surf the TV channels.

Something needed to give to… I needed to reclaim my time and energy.

First thing I tackled was the phone… All notifications went silent .. texts , whatapp , emnails , facebook and anything else that tried to grab my attention. The silence was deafening. When I needed to focus on something with no distractions. The phone was put on silent and face down. So no flashing screen or lights could distract me.

By getting rid of all this noise. I felt calmer and more in control.

Try it .. it makes life so much easier and I am proactive with my time rather than re-active to technology!

weapons of mass distraction