When the going gets tough .. the tough pick up the phone!

After many years of being an employee and wanting to look good in front of people. Therefore not always asking for help when I should have. Coming into the world of property networking and networking marketing. Was refreshing and hugely so.

Now when I/we hit a brick wall or a challenge we pick up the phone. If we aren’t sure we pick up the phone.

Having build up a network of contacts over the last few years. We always know there is someone at the end of the phone who can help.

Where as before is things went ‘pear shaped’ people retreated and wanted to protect themselves and their own little corner of their empire. In the brave new world. We dont retreat to go social.. interact with those that can help and even shout help.

The only daft question is the one that doesn’t get asked.

That’s why networking either through the Berkshire Property Meet or business networking (BNI, 4N & Biscotti) has been invaluable. By building up friendships and trust over time. There is always someone to reach out to and visa versa.

This morning I went along to the Bird In Hand, Hotel and Pub and met with 30+ local business people who are all there to generate more business for each other and themselves. It’s a very well run meeting and there is a purpose for being there every week.