Who is Vicki Wusche – the Property Mermaid?

Vicki Wusche is a vibrant engaging entrepreneur who speaks from her heart about her amazing journey from single mother on limited income, to financially freedom through property investment and business development.  Vicki boldly and passionately recognised the opportunities which crossed her path, found her focus and then grabbed every opportunity with both hands. 
In 2010 Vicki published her first book called Using Other People's Money – How to Invest in Property. In 2012 Vicki actually wrote and published three books. In March she published her 2nd book Make More Money From Property; from investor thinking to a business mind-set, by the summer she was asked to reprint her first book and took the opportunity to completely rewrite and update it, so by August Using Other People’s Money with new case studies and the latest facts and figures was back on Amazon. On the first of September Vicki started to write her third book, Property For the Next Generation; preparing your family for a wealthy future. Published in November 2012, it hit the Amazon top ten charts within weeks and Vicki has been heavily featured in online and national press throughout 2013.
Vicki has spoken in front of tens of thousands of people including entrepreneurs, young people, business owners, investors and employees. Vicki inspires her audiences to understand that “it” is possible. She engages with her audience not just as a speaker at the front of the room, but as a woman who has overcome her own financial hardship and speaks from experience.
While Vicki started this phase of her life as an unemployed university lecturer in 2006, 2007 saw her qualify as a Master NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Practitioner, 2008 she was on her property path and between 2009-2010 she was buying on average 1-2 properties a month. By Autumn 2010 Vicki has enough property that she no longer had to work, and while this freedom enabled her to spend time with friends and family, soon her entrepreneurial vision was spotting opportunities.
In 2011 Vicki started a fledgling training business that satisfied her need to share what she had learned about both property investing and business development. Vicki was very clear that the path to success in property investment lay in the concept that it was a business and not just something you copied off the “TV”!
Now in 2013 Vicki has her portfolio as a foundation that enables her to feel financially secure, her books to support her business credentials and 2 successful businesses that have doubled their turnover in the last 12 months. Vicki and her team can now help you to get clarity about your business, its direction, your financial goals and new ways of thinking about property, some are quite controversial. If you need more help, then through The Sourcers Apprentice you can access online and offline support, coaching and resources. For busy clients with cash to invest Vicki and her team can find, fix and fill a property portfolio to meet you financial goals and make best use of your time and money, through her 2nd business The Property Sourcers.
Vicki has been acknowledgement for her writing from Virgin – the VIB award and interviewed and reviewed in various trade and national papers including The Daily Telegraph, What Mortgage, Your Property Network, Kent Times and The Sunday Post. She is regularly invited to speak at property, business and women’s events across the country.