Who you Look to

Over the years my ability of what I thought was possible and what I was possible of achieving was referenced against the my family and peers.

I used to check-in on the people around and see what it was that I could achieve. You know old saying “look at the 5 people you spend most time with and you will become the average of them” And that’s how it is for the majority. There is there occasional maverick or outlier who breaks the mold and is just out there. Look at Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson or Oprah.

When we first got involved in property investing. We brought with us a lot of baggage and programming of being employees our whole lives. Of course there was a lot to unlearn. And the fastest way to unlearn is to learn new stuff. Don’t just try and remove bad habits that tough. Create new habits that replace the old and that’s so much easier.

I know look for positive and uplifting points of reference. Who is the best at…

Property Investing
Lease options
Rent 2 Rent
Property Development
Tenant Management
Tax and Accounts
People Skills
Property Networking (Berkshire Property Meet of Course)

In our Networking Marketing business. I seek out who is the best at recruiting, sponsoring and build a networking marketing business. Who has the simple ideas that are easy to duplicate across the network.

By having positive role models and mentors that push us to do more by simply having the belief that we are playing small and are capable of so much more. We either find ourselves elevated to a higher place. Or we take the easy option and drop out.

And usually when people drop out. The blame game kicks in and they look externally for the reason instead of looking to themselves for the answer.

Surround yourself with people who will hold you accountable to a higher purpose and you will FLY!