Why to Keep up Repairs in your Rental Property

Smoke Alarms
• From the 1st October 2015 there is a change in the law, all landlords are required to fit smoke alarms on all floors and carbon monoxide detectors in any room with a solid fuel appliance.
• These appliances need to be tested at the start of each tenancy agreement.
• Make sure you have a document that is signed by you and your tenant(s) confirming this.

Why Fixing Repairs in Your Rented Property Is Essential
• As a landlord fixing repairs in your property should fall into the following two categories “Moral Reasons” and “Health and Safety”. If these reasons don’t tug at your heart strings there is now two other major reasons why you should always fix repairs in your property:

1. Housing Health and Safety Rating System Officer (HHSRS)
• Your tenant can call the local council and get one of these officers to assess the housing condition via a risk assessment approach.
• There are 29 separate hazards under the HHSRS.
• Category 1 hazards must be done- no ifs or buts- these are dangerous.

2. Affects You Serving a Section 21 Notice
• If a tenant reports a category 1 hazard and the HHSRS issue a notice to do the work, a section 21 cannot be served from the date of this notice for 6 months.

Property Condition Report:
• When your tenant moves out, a walk around your property is not sufficient. An adhoc approach will not work.
• Make sure you have a systemised approach when your property is vacant to allow you to check its condition