Your Day Define You

Many years ago no I heard someone say that if you live to 80 you will have about 4000 weeks on in this life. Now that was a slap in the face as I was 40 which mean’t I had already used up 50% of my allocation and had only 200 weeks.

As we spend each minute , defines that hour, that hours defines that day, that day defines that week and month and year. The actions, choices and activity we choose to take or not take as the case may be compound into where we are right now.

The thoughts we had and acted on or the thoughts we had that we let slip by. I am just as guilty as everyone of being hit by the procrastination brain freeze. Spending endless amount of brain power and energy avoiding doing that thing I should be doing. But you know what once I do it and get it done. There is a relief and energy to get more done.

Jeff Olsens the Slight Edge or Darren Hardy’s Compound Affect both perfectly illustrate. That it’s the little things we do that make the huge difference. I used to think I had to make a giant leap but soon realised all I had to do was take one step, then another and another. Those baby steps were a lot less scary and I felt I could still run back to the safety of the known if I had to.

I was never one for ‘burning bridges’ or ‘having my back to the wall’ to motivate me. That would just fill me with dread and leave me paralysed.

Take those baby steps and dont worry about the others. Let them go off like the clappers they soon run out of wind. Most overnight successes took about a decade to get there!